Bio Diapers - New Born (2~4 Kg)


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The environmentally friendly disposable diaper with optimal skin compatibility.

Swilet BIO Diaper has a 100% microbiologically degradable outer film, made from renewable raw materials such as grain, corn and potato starch.  For the benefit of the child, we dispense with an additional synthetic non woven fabric on the outer film.  Thanks to this untreated organic outer film, via its of microscopically small pores sufficient air reaches the inner diaper area.  This keeps th baby's skin not only dry but the skin can breathe.  So, we avoid unnecessary skin irritation.  The elastic side closures as well as the side leak protection ensure a perfect fit.

Swilet BIo Diaper consists for more than two-thirds of renewable raw materials and has the largest possible quantity of biodegradable materials. This makes the diaper highly compostable.  In addition, the diaper cushion consists of the largest possible proportion of cellulose obtained from wood from sustainably managed forests.

We recommend this skin -friendly Swilet Bio Diaper for all environmentally conscious parents who want to offer their babies and toddlers the best possible wearing comfort. Particularly for those with sensitive skin, allergies or other dermatological concerns.

- Outer foil and packaging bag are 100% biodegradable

- Made from renewable raw material

- Cellulose from sustainably managed forests

- Breatheable diaper

- Highly compostable

- Optimal skin tolerance

- Side leakage protection

- Elastic side closure

- Dermatologically tested

- 30 pieces

Made in Germany


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